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Hell no!

Posted by Ginny's Gin Admin on

Write a blog they said. Hah! I have no problem swimming from Alcatraz to the mainland, hurtling at 70mph in a bobsled, heli-skiing or hucking a wind lip on powder skis with my teenage sons, but write a blog? Now that’s out of my comfort zone! So, bear with me while I get comfortable, pour myself a Ginny’s and Tonic and perhaps even have some fun!

When I got the phone call from our winemaking friends that they were just too consumed with their day jobs to continue making gin, I shared with our longtime friends and fellow gin lovers, Amy and Jeff Kloes, the idea of taking it on. Several "spirited" conversations and blind tastings later, they were equally intrigued. I visited local distilleries, carefully examined the craft spirits industry and did a market analysis. Many sleepless nights and numerous spread sheets later, I made a laptop presentation at brunch to Amy and Jeff and my husband. I answered questions, allayed fears, rebuffed negatives. The Kloes were in. My husband? Hell no. As a 30-year wine industry veteran, he was no stranger to the struggles small producers have with distribution. At coffee the next morning I shared my disappointment and recounted the story to a friend who asked to see the presentation. "I will lend you the money," she said. Just like that! And so, started the journey. Along the way, I turned to other friends for more help, advice, and encouragement. It truly does take a village to raise a gin. Thank you to all of you who have helped launch this enterprise.

P.S. Happily, my husband is now fully on board. He is our voice of reason, sounding board and biggest advocate! Oh, and our mixologist extraordinaire! We’ll keep you posted as he comes up with new recipes.