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Ginny's Gin

Ginny's Gin Bottle and Glass

The Spirit of Wine Country

Ginny’s Gin is handcrafted by winemakers, distilled from grapes and grain and presented in a wine bottle to honor its vineyard provenance. The ratio of grape to grain was meticulously fine-tuned over several years to yield a perfectly in-balance expression of the two.

During a focused six-month period, we individually distilled many different botanicals in order to carefully select and refine our favorite ten; Juniper, Lemongrass, Lemon peel, Coriander, Sage, Orris root, Grains of Paradise, Angelica root, Cubeb berries and Licorice root. We crack the juniper and coriander and macerate for 24 hours, then extract the essence of our other botanicals with gentle vapor infusion.

Lush, dangerously smooth and perfectly balanced, our gin plays nicely with others! Ginny’s Gin is the mixologist’s darling and will delight in your favorite cocktail, but with its beautiful restraint, it can also be simply enjoyed over ice.