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Bartender Pouring Ginny's Gin


Edible Marin and Sonoma County Winter 2018

Edible Magazine Winter 2018
Ginny's Gin is used as the featured gin in a French 75

A French 75 is known for being refreshing and bright. I wanted to ensure that this variation stayed true to the classic libation, but added a few wintry twists to make this cocktail special for the holiday season. 

Sonoma County–distilled Ginny’s Gin.... more



Edible Marin and Sonoma County The Alchemy of Gin

Edible Marin & Wine Country  February 19, 2019

The Alchemy of Gin

Edible visited Healdsburg’s Duke’s Spirited Cocktails, where 

Laura Sanfilippo and Tara Heffernon, two of the three co-founders of Duke’s, explored some of their favorite local gins which includes Ginny's Gin.... more



The Gin is In

The Gin is in reviews Ginny's Gin

Giving it a 2019 Gold Award.

Friends and fellow wine-makers Ginny, Rob, Amy, and Jeff got together to produce a gin that marries their love of wine country, wines, and gin. Names for Ginny, Ginny’s Gin says right on the front of the bottle, “distilled from grapes and grain.” .... more